Liposuction by Vaser® Liposuction technique

What is Vaser Liposuction?

The term ‘VASER’ means Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It uses special ultrasonic energy which is primarily transformed into vibration that targets fat cells using tiny probes (only 2-3 mm in diameter).

Our VASER device is a third-generation ultrasound liposuction device, that is the most advanced in its field, and was designed to effectively remove unwanted body fat while also tightening skin and improving cellulite.

What are benefits of the VASER Liposuction

VASER technology delivers predictable, precise  results and it can be done on many body areas at once with short downtime compare with traditional liposuction.

  1. VASER liposuction can achieve great contoured and defined results, with superior skin tightening.
  2. VASER liposuction is very well suited for both large and small areas as well as areas of fibrous tissue. It has the added benefit of improving areas previously treated with traditional liposuction (revision liposuction), and can dramatically improve fibrosis/scarring, irregularities, or distortions.
  3. VASER liposuction recovery has significantly less bruising, swelling, and trauma due to precise pulsed ultrasonic energy that specifically targets fat cells only, and avoids important surrounding structures like nerves and blood vessels.
  4. VASER liposuction recovery is far better than the traditional liposuction method. People can return to their normal daily activities usually within a week after the procedure.
  5. In our practice, VASER liposuction is performed under local anaesthesia, using a fluid to gently numb the area prior to treatment. The potential risks that often accompany general anaesthesia are eliminated. This technique also allows patients to be awake during the procedure and move around or flex their muscles to ensure the best possible contours and outcomes.

How is VASER liposuction performed?

A small incision is made in the skin for each area to be treated.

Once the area is numbed your doctor will gently move a small metal device (ultrasonic device) back and forth, the ultrasonic device transmits a series of pulses in order to gently and effectively break up the unwanted fat cells with little to no damage to the surrounding tissues. The targeted fat cells are literally shaken and infused with the specialised anaesthetic fluid. This process emulsifies the fat for easy and smooth removal. Following the use of the ultrasonic device, your doctor will use small cannulas to suction out, and thus remove, a combination of fat and infused fluids.

What can be expected in the postsurgical period?

Compared with traditional liposuction, VASER Liposuction has great advantages including:

  • Limited downtime
  • Minimal bruising and swelling
  • Smoother contours
  • Tightened skin

However, following the surgery, you still will  be a bruised, swollen, and the areas may be discoloured. There still swelling of the lower legs and ankles, particularly if liposuction has been carried out in the abdomen, or legs, and a compression garment is worn. This resolves faster than traditional liposuction. The bruising usually starts to settle after a few weeks and is generally near gone by 2-4 week. People can return to their normal daily activities within days to a week after the procedure.

Are there any risks associated with this procedure?

Cosmetic surgical procedure is a formal risky surgical operation

It is Not a “simple beauty treatment”

Like any other procedures, Vaser Liposuction  has risks and complications:

Common risks and complications:

Bruising, swelling, visible scaring/keloid, pain, treatment area hard/firm/lumpy/numbness/tightness, infection, bleeding, haematoma.

Rare risks and complications:

Distortion, deformation, asymmetry, muscle, nerve injury.

Anaesthetic anaphylaxis reaction: rashes, difficulty breathing, cardia arrest.


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