Micro-Liposuction for Double Chin Removal and Jawline Reshaping

About Micro-Liposuction for Double Chin Removal and Jawline Reshaping (Lunch Time Double Chin Removal)

Since this safe, simple effective procedure was introduced to our clinic by Dr Qin, from Beverly Hills, California, the service is always highly in demand, especially considering the amazing immediate results which always give our patients an unbelievable surprise and thrill.

Benefits of this procedure at Northern Beaches Cosmetic Surgery:

  • Highly professional friendly doctors and nurses.
  • Short time procedure (only 20 minutes with total time in our clinic of 1hour)
  • Short down time (usually 5-7 day)

What is a double chin?

A double chin is defined as a fat pocket deposit underneath the chin (and possibly neck and/or jawline) making it appear as if you have two chins, or an ill-defined chin and jawline. A double chin may be a sign of weight gain, the natural ageing process, or it may be caused by family genetics. A double chin, especially genetically caused, can be extremely difficult to improve satisfactorily by weight loss alone. Liposuction of the area may create a chin, neck and/or jawline contour which would not be possible otherwise.

How is the procedure performed?

After numbing fluids are injected into your chin area, a small incision (3mm) is made in the skin underneath of your chin. This incision is carefully situated to be as hidden as possible. A small metal tube (cannula) is inserted through the incision into the fatty area and by working the tube back and forth, the fat is shaved off in tunnels and evacuated through attached tubing to a suction machine or suction syringe. This process allows your jaw line area to be re-shaped by your doctor to achieve the most pleasing contour. A very fine stitch could close the small incision if need. It will be removed in one week when you return for your follow up review.

What can be expected in the post-surgical period?

Following the procedure, you can immediately see a result: Your double chin will have disappeared, and your jaw line will be evident! You may be mildly bruised, the area can be discolored with mild tenderness and swelling after the procedure for one to two weeks. The bruising usually starts to settle after the short period and is usually well faded by about one week. Some people notice tightness or hardness in the chin/neck region, this usually settles in 2 weeks.

What are the post-procedure care instructions?

Usually you can go home after recovering for about 30 minutes in our clinic after the procedure. If your age is less than 35 years old, and you have very good skin elasticity, you don’t need to wear any compression bandages or garments, however, if your age is more than 35 years old or you have a large amount of skin redundancy and loss of elasticity, you may need to wear it for up to 3-5 days. Usually your doctor will prescribe some pain medications as necessary (but very seldom people require pain relief). You should avoid over-the-counter medications that could increase bleeding risk, such as Nurofen or aspirin. You will need to return to our clinic for a regular review in one week to remove the suture, and several times over the following months to for progress checks.

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