Mini Face and Neck Lift

What is a mini Face and Neck lift and why is it done?

Aging can cause sagging of your lower Face and Neck region, making you appear older and tired. A mini Face and Neck lift is a less invasive surgery which helps to overcome this unpleasant appearance, lifting your lower Face and Neck skin and providing less wrinkles over lower Face and Neck area. Mini Face and Neck lift alternative meaning is excision redundant skin over lower Face and Neck region. It is not involving any SMAS or muscle during the procedure. It is the most less invasive surgical procedure to lift your lower Face and Neck skin up, reduce wrinkles over the special region to achieve the effective rejuvenation result.

How is a mini Face and Neck lift surgery performed?

The mini Face and Neck lift surgery is always performed under local anaesthetics which is allow the patient to fully awake to change position to make the best angle for your doctor perform the procedure to achieve the best result.

The surgery includes two-part procedures: The first part is micro-liposuction on your double chin, your jawline area. Use anaesthetics liquid dissection method to separate your skin and muscle, to pull up your redundant skin. The second part is performing redundant skin excision over front, and back of your ears area. Total surgery time take about 1-2 hour. The incisions are then closed with the help of cosmetic sutures.

The whole procedure does not involve any SMAS or muscle.

What happens in the postoperative period?

Immediate results can be seen after the surgery. Your face and neck will bruise and swelling. Your lower face fat pads, double chin will be gone, your both jawlines will be more pronounced, your neck wrinkles and redundant skin will be disappeared. The areas may seem “overcorrected” at first but will settle into its natural position with healing and time. You will have a special bandage dressing applied around your face, then you can go home in 1 hour after the surgery. The bandage will be removed by your doctor on the second day post-surgery your return visit. You can normally back to your regular activities 2-3 weeks after the surgery.

Are there any risks associated with this procedure?

Cosmetic surgical procedure is a formal risky surgical operation

It is Not a “simple beauty treatment”

Like any other procedures, the mini face/neck lift has risks and complications:

Common risks and complications:

Bruising, swelling, visible scaring, pain, treatment area hard/firm/lumpy/numbness/tightness, infection, bleeding, haematoma.

Rare risks and complications:

Distortion, smile deformation, asymmetry, muscle, nerve injury.

Anaesthetic anaphylaxis reaction: rashes, difficulty breathing, cardia arrest.


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