Mini Liposuction

What is Mini Liposuction?

“Mini liposuction” has been used for more than one decade to change the face of liposuction. The concept of mini liposuction is a simple, easy, and immediately effective liposuction. It is only focused on one or two small areas fat pads, focusing on people who are on normal body weight, but have particular fat deposits on areas, such as double chin, upper arms, saddlebags etc. People who are very close to their ideal body weight may also desire liposuction for the sole purpose of sculpting the body into a better appearance, shape, or proportion.

How is mini liposuction performed?

A small incision is made in the skin for each area to be treated. A narrow metal tube (cannula) is inserted through the incision into the fatty area and by working the tube back and forth, the fat is shaved off in tunnels and evacuated through attached tubing to a suction machine or suction syringe. The suctioned tunnels and spaces are then collapsed using a compression garment to create a new contour.

The area treated with mini liposuction may be strapped with elastic tape or a girdle will be applied. This will minimize bruising and swelling and provide a degree of support for the skin which will be relatively loose after the operation, particularly when the swelling settles down. This process will help the skin to redistribute itself more evenly and minimizes the risk of skin sagging and irregularities.

What can be expected in the postsurgical period?

Following surgery, you may be quite bruised, and the areas can be discoloured. There may be swelling of the ankles, particularly if liposuction has been carried out in the abdomen, or legs, and a girdle is worn. This can be aggravated by hot weather.

Minimise standing if there is swelling of the ankles and elevate your legs on a foot stool while sitting. The bruising tends to track down the leg or the abdomen and in some cases the patient can experience some swelling of the labia or scrotum. The bruising usually starts to settle after a week and is usually well faded by two weeks. It may, however, take six weeks for all bruising to resolve.


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