Fraxel Repair Laser Treatment

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What is a Fraxel laser treatment?

Fraxel laser treatment is a non-surgical procedure that works better on younger patients (under 50) and treats mild to moderate acne scarring and fine wrinkles. This treatment is not generally good for redness, but it works well on brown pigment issues. The laser creates small micro thermal zones - “pixels” into the skin. The process of repairing happens when due to the effect of the laser, the skin pushes out the damaged skin (the small pixels) and replaces it with new skin. With each treatment, you will have 15-20% of the sun damaged, wrinkled, and scarred skin replaced. During the treatment, the body’s natural healing process is triggered, resulting in collagen production and new, repaired skin.

What can be treated with Fraxel Repair Laser Treatment?

This gentle laser can be used for treating:

  • Sun damage
  • Fine wrinkles
  • Improves fine lines around the eye and on eyelid
  • Ageing on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms, leg, and back
  • Certain scars of acne scarring and surgical scars
  • Improving skin texture and tone
  • Reduces precancerous lesions by reducing sun damaged skin with new skin

Will I feel pain during the treatment?

During the treatment, you will only feel a little discomfort that feels like the “pins and needles” sensation. The treatment comes with minimal risk. It is performed once every 3-8 weeks in a series of 3-5 treatments. The treatment lasts for about an hour for a full face. You can use other cosmetic treatments while doing the Fraxel Laser Treatment.

How is the treatment performed?

First, you need to be an hour to an hour and a half early before the treatment. WIth the help of a technician, you will clean the treatment area and apply a numbing cream. After an hour, the numbing cream is removed and it is continued with the procedure. After applying a thin layer of gel, the treatment starts with the doctor sliding the laser rollers evenly over the face.

How long will it take until I see the results?

The results can be visible after the first treatment, usually in a week. You will notice that your skin feels smoother and glowy. The outcome of the treatment also depends on the type of problem you are treating. To see the best results, if you are doing the treatment in series, you might need to wait to finish the series, for maybe 5-6 months. The process of collagen building doesn't stop up to 3-6 months after the last treatment.

How long does the effect last?

The effects of the treatment depend on how well you protect your skin when exposed to the sun and your genetic ageing process. If you take great care of your skin and protect it, the effects will be longer and you might need only annual maintenance treatments.


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