Dr. Sam G. Qin

Dr. Sam Qin - Cosmetic Consultant Specialist

Dr. Sam G. Qin is a Cosmetic Practitioner in Australia (MED 0001194650) Registered Medical Practioner, General Registraion. He trained as a plastic surgeon in China and currently holds membership of Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine (ACCSM), Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA), Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine(ACAM) and a Senior Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS).

His most favourite surgery is non-surgical, less-invasive face and neck region surgery, including threading lift, bat ear non-surgical correction, double chin removalwith jawline re-shaping usemicro- liposuction technics, blepharoplastywith non-deep tissue involved, and face/neck lift with non-SMAS involved procedures.

More than thousands of cases of non-surgical, less-invasive face and neck region surgery performed in his more than 30 years’ practice over China, USA, Japan, and Australia.

Dr. Qin came to Australia in the mid 1990's as professional training and studied in Medical School of The University of Sydney and Sydney Royal Princes Alfred Hospital to finalize his advanced surgical training. He was awarded his Master of Surgery degree after he completed his training.

After more than three-decades of medical practice, Dr. Qin continues to focus on new technic cosmetic procedures, especially concentrates on non- surgical, micro-invasive surgical aesthetic treatment.

Dr. Qin also has a special interest in skin cancer and holds a membership of Skin Cancer College of Australasia. Using his cosmetic surgical skill, face-nose- ear skin cancer surgical treatment is also his major favourite procedure.

Dr. Qin's passion is to maintain the natural beauty of his patients.

"Help and Affordable" on cosmetic treatment is his practice core.

Dr Qin is not only a medical doctor, but also a good cook. He is a chief cook in his family and his friend's family groups. He is also a senior member of a local golf club.

Dr. Sam G. Qin

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