Skin Treatments (Chemical Peels)

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peeling is a procedure performed to improve the skin appearance on the face, hands, neck and chest with the use of a specially formulated chemical solution.

What conditions can chemical peeling treat?

  • Reduce fine lines around the mouth and eyes
  • Treat skin wrinkles caused due to age and over exposure to the sun
  • Improve the appearance of some scars
  • Treat some types of acne
  • Reduce dark patches, freckles and age spots
  • Improve the vitality of the skin

How is the treatment performed?

Your skin will first be cleansed thoroughly. The chemical solution will then be applied to small areas of the skin. This causes the outermost layer of skin to exfoliate allowing new skin to take its place.

Will there be any pain during the procedure?

There might be an initial sensation of burning that lasts 5-10 minutes followed by a sensation of stinging. You can use cold compresses to ease the discomfort. Topical anaesthetic or pain medication may be required if you are undergoing a deep peel.

How long will it take for the skin to recover from a chemical peel?

After a mild peel, there may be some scaling and redness that should resolve within 3-7 days. After a medium-depth peel, there may be some blister formation that breaks up and peels off within 7-14 days. The treated skin may require bandages for a few days.

What are the aftercare precautions that need to be taken?

You will need to avoid direct sunlight for several months as your new skin will be fragile. You must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion that protects your skin from all the harmful rays of the sun at all times.

Are there any possible complications with this procedure?

A chemical peel is typically a very safe procedure; however, rarely some skin types are prone to develop a temporary or permanent colour change following treatment. There may also be some scarring that may need to be treated, usually with good improvement. Lastly, there may be a minimal risk of cold sore reactivation if you have a history of herpes outbreaks. Your doctor can provide you with prescription medication to prevent or treat this complication.

How often can a chemical peel be repeated?

Mild peels can be safely repeated every 1-4 weeks and medium-depth peels may be repeated every 6-12 months until you get that healthy glowing look you are after.

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