Inverted Nipple Correction

What is an inverted nipple and why need to be corrected?

Inverted nipple is an irregularity in which a woman’s nipples point more inwards than outwards. The constriction may be caused by shortened milk ducts, a reduction in breast tissue, or a combination of the two. Inverted nipples are not typically considered a health issues, but they can be cosmetically embarrassing, reducing a woman’s self-confidence of life quality.

Correction of inverted nipples, it aims to improve the appearance of the breasts by increasing the projection of one or both of the nipples to make them more symmetrical and normal in appearance.

There are 3 grades of nipple inversion, depending on its severity:

Grade 1 is whereby the nipple is inverted under the areola but can be manipulated to protrude. Breastfeeding is usually possible.

Grade 2 is whereby the nipple is inverted under the areola however can only be forcefully manipulated to temporarily protrude. Breastfeeding may be possible.

Grade 3 is whereby, even with vigorous stimulation, the nipple remains inverted. Here, the nipple remains buried in the areola and surgery is required to rebalance the muscle pull.

How is an inverted nipple correction surgery performed?

The procedure is always under local anaesthesia. A small incision is placed on base of the nipple so that visible scarring after the treatment is minimal. Through the incisions, the fibbers of the milk duct will be either stretched or severed to release the nipple and create an outward protrusion. Absolved sutures will be strategically placed to ensure the nipple continues to protrude after surgery. The small incision will be closed by one absolved suture stitch and a special padding dressing place over the nipple area. You are always can go home in one hour after the surgery.

What happens in the postoperative period?

Immediate results can be seen after the surgery. You can see your nipples protrude out straight away after the procedure.  The recovery process is in 7-10 days. Some minor swelling and bruising may occur, mild pain is controlled with over-the-counter pain medication for the first day or two. Patients will usually feel like resuming their regular daily activity 1-2 days following the surgery. Your doctor will see you in 3-4 days after your procedure to ensure your healing process is well and to avert any possible complications before they become a problem.

Are there any risks associated with this procedure?

Cosmetic surgical procedure is a formal risky surgical operation

It is Not a “simple beauty treatment”

Like any other procedures, inverted nipple correction has risks and complications:

Common risks and complications:

Bruising, swelling, visible scaring/keloid, pain, treatment area hard/firm/lumpy/numbness/tightness, infection, bleeding, haematoma.

Rare risks and complications:

Distortion, deformation, asymmetry, muscle, nerve injury.

Anaesthetic anaphylaxis reaction: rashes, difficulty breathing, cardia arrest.


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